Frequently asked Questions

We are no longer offering wholesale at our store. If you have any further questions please contact us directly.

Yes! We are more than happy to help identify but do so by appointmet only. Please call our store at 209-736-1300

We are so sorry to announce there will no longer be a classroom. Since Russ’ passing in August of 2021 there has been no one else to continue his legacy of teaching.

A lot of folks are familiar with our back room that was full of agate slices and an endless amount of bins with all types of minerals and odd ends. We no longer have the agate in the back due to our contract with Brazil ending. We are cleaning, organizing, and unearthing boxes that have sat for years. Once completed the warehouse will turn into a new showroom showcasing Morocco. Please notice at the top of the page our “Moroccan Market” to find out what’s coming.

We do not have an online store available but, we can do a ‘LIVE SHOP’ where we can FaceTime with you or send you pictures of your specific requests and are happy to help you shop. We can send you pictures via email, text, WhatsApp or Instagram to help you find that perfect piece. Once you are satisfied we can mail out your order! Please visit our ‘Mail Order Policy’ Page for the specifics.

No, we do not purchase any items from private parties even if you think your price holds high value. No exceptions. We do not buy silver or gold of any kind.

Our jewelry is from all over the world but we do not make any jewelry in house. Jewelry repair is offered but conditions apply. We do minor jewelry repair (no soldering or watches repairs). We have gold filled, sterling, and plated findings for repairs. We string, restring, and knot beads and pearls. In most cases the work is done one week after you bring the item in for repairs.