The History of Stories in Stones

Stories in Stones storefront

Here & Now

Stories In Stones has had the same owners since it’s opening day; Pam and Russ Shoemaker. Sadly, Russ died in August 2021, he was 92 and had a well lived life. His legacy lives on in his years of teaching and knowledge he shared. His passion for the earth sciences continues on in all who were lucky enough to witness him teach. Children that heard his presentations are now bringing in their children so his love for the earth science serves generations. Pam’s commitment and loyalty to the store allows this unique place to not only thrive but blossom with time.

The classroom and warehouse areas are closed to the public for now and the wholesale part of the business is discontinued. We are sorry for all of those who loved this aspect of the store but things have changed and the store must adapt. Please visit our ‘ Moroccan Bizarre’ for more info for the future of the warehouse or our FAQ page. We look forward to supplying you with beautiful jewelry, minerals, and fossils.

Pam Shoemaker

What's to come...

Pam will continue operating the store as she has since 1974. She is a wealth of knowledge and our encyclopedia here at the shop for any and all questions. Pam is the backbone to Stories in Stones and her ability to organize and run the show behind the scenes continues to make this shop what it is. She has brought in a dedicated team of employees that have the same passion for the fossil and mineral world to continue on what her and Russ built.

The warehouse area is being cleaned and renovated and will reopen soon. We have some surprises in store for everyone! We will continue to strive to have a “museum like atmosphere” where everything is for sale.

We are also offering “live sales” where we would gladly be your personal shopper. If there is something you are interested in please give us a call and we can tour you around the shop, send pictures, and mail out orders. We will also attend the Tuscon Gem & Mineral Show and the Denver Gem & Mineral Show every year. If you have a special request we can always find something for you at one of the shows. Please contact us for further information. Pam also travels throughout the year to find new and interesting items for the store.

Fish Fossil

Our beginning...

Russ and Pam Shoemaker established Fossil Art Creations in 1974 after purchasing 257 acres of the marine Miocene fossil deposit in Kern County, Ca. The first retail store was opened in Carlsbad, Ca where they started many educational earth science programs. In March of 1981 the store was moved to Murphys, California and Stories in Stones was created. In 2001 a second storefront opened in Angels Camp, California which became a wholesale, and retail location. From August 2000 to December 2001 Pam and Russ retired and toured the states in their motor home to travel. After their “retirement” it was decided the Angels Camp location would reopen and it remains that way to this day.