"Every Stone Tells A Story"

Stories in Stones is a retail/wholesale supplier of amethyst, tumbled stones etc. Our retail store has worldwide minerals, fossils, shells and unique jewelry.

With our collection of thousands of rocks, minerals and fossils, we have created one of the most comprehensive geologic displays in California. The Earth Science Emporium carries a large selection of:

Fossil Bison Skull
  • Basic Rocks
    (Igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary)
  • Fossil Specimens
  • Mineral Specimens
  • Large Decorator Mineral and Fossil Specimens

Summer Business Hours:

11 AM to 5:00 PM
Closed Wednesday & Saturday

We have so much to see

Earth Science collectors items

We have a tremendous variety of Earth Science collectors items like:

  • Recreational mining supplies, native gold
  • Jewelry (Unique gold, silver, gemstone and fossil jewelry)
  • Bead department (gemstone beads and jewelry findings)
  • Educational kits and insect specimens
  • Earth science books and publications, relief maps
  • Extensive southwestern Indian creations
  • Large Earth Science Learning Center

We have many large decorative fossils and minerals

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